SECTION 47 - Adult Needlework

Convenor:   Erin Ziegler (905) 792-7963 

Associates: Tracey-Ann Crawford,  Anne Kachur, Jennifer Quick, Linda Rokosh, Michelle Wilson & Danette Woodworth




  1. Exhibits must be no more than 2 years old and not previously shown at Brampton Fall Fair.
  2. Articles may have used but must be clean.
  4. Children’s wear is size 14 and under.
  5. Please be sure that all loose ends are finished.
  6. Please ensure articles have been pressed.
  7. All hanging articles must be equipped and  ready to hang.
  8. Please note the size requirements for the classes. 
  9. Finishing details will be included in judging.
  10. Please read quilt rules if entering quilt classes.



  1. Please indicate on your entry tag if you are willing to allow your winning quilt to be exhibited at the district meeting this fall.  For a complete listing of the rules & regulations for the OAAS Annual Hand Quilted & Machine Quilted Championship Quilt Competitions, please contact the needlework convenor, Erin Ziegler, or the OAAS website at To advance quilts must be a minimum of 324" perimeter 
  2. Indicate the name of the quilt pattern.
  3. Fabric samples used in the project must be attached to the article or it will not be judged.
  4. Entries must be solely made and quilted by the exhibitor.

Prize Money: 

Classes 1 to 15, 19 -    1st - $10.00, 2nd - $8.00, 3rd - $6.00

Classes 16 - 18, 26 and 37  --- 1st - $8.00, 2nd - $6.00 and 3rd - $4.00

Classes 2o - 25, 27-35 and 38 -68   - 1st - $5.00, 2nd - $4.00, 3rd - $3.00

Specials   as indicated 


Hand Quilted Quilts

(Please attach samples of main fabrics)


  1. Quilt – Pieced
  2. Quilt – Whole Cloth (plain or printed back) or Appliqued
  3. Quilt – Pre-Printed (cheater)
  4. Quilt – Crib
  5. Quilt – Wall Hanging

Machine Quilted Quilts

(Please attach samples of main fabrics)

         6. Quilt – Appliquéd and/or Machine Embroidery

         7. Quilt – Pieced

        8 . Quilt – Pieced and/or Appliquéd. Quilted using a Long Arm Machine. (Quilter must be                                        acknowledged) Construction to be judged.

         9.  Quilt – Pre-Printed (cheater)

        10. Quilt – Crib

        11.  Quilt – Wall Hanging

Hand  and/or Machine Quilted Quilts

(Please attach samples of main fabrics)


        12.  Lap or pillow quilt

        13. Quilt top only – large bed size

        14.  Quilt top only – crib or child size

        15.   Wall hanging – Theme “Canada 150”  Minimum perimeter 24 inches – requires a sleeve

        16.   Quilted Table Runner or two (2) Placemats

        17.  Miniature Quilt – perimeter less than 24 inches

        18.  Any quilted article not mentioned above

         19.   Community Quilt Block Challenge Scrappy Partnership” – Sponsored by Lens Mill Store

                1st - $25 gift certificate; 2nd - $15 gift certificate, 3rd - $10 gift certificate

                The aim of this challenge is to use your scraps and fabric stash!  All you need is some white fabric                 and your own scraps.  You will create one of each block and enter it.  All blocks become property                  of Brampton Fall Fair and will be used in the 2018 quilt raffle. 

Community Quilt Block Challenge – “Scrappy Partnership”


  1.  Create a set of two (2) blocks using the pattern below.  Blocks will be made using plain white fabric and fabric of your choice (solid or pattern) from your scrap stash.  You can use multiple different scrappy colours to complete your blocks.
  2. Finished block sizes will be 12 inches square.
  3. You must make one block A and one block B to enter the challenge (However, don’t forget the Most Blocks awards – see Special A – you can make as many sets as you want – the most sets win!)
  4. All blocks become the property of Brampton Fall Fair and will be used in the 2018 Raffle Quilt
  5. For any questions, please contact Erin at 905-792-7963 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Block A – 4 patch

  1. Cut 2 pieces of white 6 ½ “ x 6 ½” (piece A)
  2. Cut 2 pieces of fabric from your scraps(can be the same or different fabric) 6 ½” x 6 ½” (Piece B)
  3. Sew pieces together to make block as below


Block B – 16 patch


  1. Cut 8 pieces of white 3 ½ “ by 3 ½” (piece A)
  2. Cut 8 pieces of fabric from your scraps (can be the same or different fabric) 3 ½” x 3 ½” (Piece B)
  3. Alternate Piece A and B to make a 4 x 4 block checkerboard pattern.



  1. Special - Community Challenge Most Blocks Award - To the Exhibitor who makes the MOST community quilt challenge blocks.  See class 19 for rules about the Community Quilt Block Challenge.  Only 1 set of blocks will be judged as part of class 19, however you can enter AS MANY sets of blocks as you want.  All blocks become property of the Brampton Fall Fair and will be used in the 2018 quilt raffle.  The prize goes to the exhibitor who enter s the MOST sets of the challenge blocks.  1st  - $15.00
  2. Special - Brampton Quilter's Guild - To the exhibitor winning the most points in classes 1 to 19.  1st - $25.00
  3.   Special - Fabricland Distributors Inc. – To the new exhibitor winning the most points in classes 1 to 19.  1st - $20.00 gift certificate
  4.    Special: Lens Mill Sponsored Judges Choice – quilts Class 1-18. 1st -$25 gift certificate



(Please attach yarn or thread samples of main colours)


        20. Counted cross stitch picture, ready to hang.

         21. Needlepoint picture, ready to hang (framing not to be judged)

         22.  Article of counted cross stitch, unframed.

         23. Article of needlepoint, using theme “Canada 150”

        24. Article of smocking

        25. Rug Hooking – any item


(Please attach fabric or yarn samples)


      26.   Afghan – Knitted, minimum size 40” x 50”

      27.  Afghan  - Knitted baby

      28.  Child’s  sweater or cardigan

      29.  Hat

      30.  2 piece baby outfit – no strings or ribbons

      31.  Cowl or infinity scarf

      32.  Two knitted dish cloths

     33.  Knitted socks

     34.  Knit item using theme “Canada 150”

     35.  Item knit using novelty yarn (i.e. frilly, ribbon, etc.)


(Please attach fabric or yarn samples)


     36.  Afghan – crocheted, minimum size 40” x 50”

     37.  Afghan – baby

     38.  Hat

     39.  Article for a Child

     40.  Crochet item for the House/Home Décor

     41.  Crochet item using the theme “Canada 150”

Knitting OR Crocheting

(Please attach fabric or yarn samples)

 42.  Community Challenge – Mitten Tree – Knit or crochet a pair of women’s or child’s mittens to decorate our mitten tree.  All entries will be donated to a local women’s shelter.


         D --Special - Fabricland Distributors - Judge’s Choice – Outstanding entry in classes 26 to 41.  

                            1st - $20.00 gift certificate

      E  -- Special - Danette Woodworth - A knit or crochet article made with scrap yarn (minimum 3

                        different types or colours of yarn). 1st - $10.00, 2nd - $8.00, 3rd - $6.00




(Please attach fabric or yarn samples)


       43.  Hooded Towel

       44.  Sewn table runner

       45.  Fabric pillowcase

       46.  Fabric purse, shoulder, hand or tote bag – main colour “red”

       47.  Sewn article of clothing

       48.  Item sewn using “crazy patch” design

      49.  Sewn cloth book

      50.  Sewn sock monkey or doll

      51.  Sewn item using leftover fabric or re-used fabric

      52.  Sewn item using fair theme “Canada 150”


F.  Special - Almost Done in Time - Sponsored by the Homecraft Ladies - Is your needlework project almost done in time for the fair?  Enter your “almost done” needlework project that you just didn’t have time to get done this year.  Project needs to be 80% or more complete.  Judging will be based on handiwork and the overall look of the anticipated finished project.  This can be something quilted, sewn, knit, crocheted or stitched.  Prize:  1st - $10.00, 2nd - $8.00, 3rd - $6.00.

G.  Special - Brampton Sew 'N Serge - Judge’s Choice – Outstanding sewn article in classes 43 to 52   1st - $10.00 gift certificate

H.  Special - Brampton Sew 'N Serge - Exhibitor with the most points in classes 26 to 52  1st - $10.00 gift certificate

Seasonal Corner

(These classes are open to all types of needlework unless otherwise specified.   Please attach fabric or yarn samples of main colours)


53.  Seasonal wall hanging or advent calendar

54.  Needlework Christmas tree ornament – ready to hang

55.  Christmas stocking

56.  Celebrate a season in plastic canvas needlework

57.  Article of needlework using the Fall/Halloween theme


I.  Special -  Exhibitor with the most points in Needlework -Classes 1 – 57 1st $25 gift certificate


Seniors Corner – Open to Men & Women 60 years and over

(Please attach fabric or yarn samples of main colours)


58.  Half Apron

59.   Set of two pot holders

60.  Quilted item – using pre-quilted material

61.  Cross stitch picture, ready to hang

62.  Needlepoint picture, ready to hang

63.  Stuffed toy – knit or crochet

64.  Child’s Hat – knit or crochet

65.  Slippers – knit or crochet

66.  Item made for a bazaar (value less than $5.00)

67.  Mittens – any size – knit or crochet

68.  Hat and scarf – knit or crochet