Convenor:             Ann Baptist

Associates:            Sandy Fogarty, Carol MacDonald & Dale Zatylny



1.  Your school name must be on the back of your entry tag.

2.  All work must be original.

3.  All work should be on 22 cm x 28 cm (8 ½” x 11”) unless otherwise stated.

4.  Please note that because of space we must limit entries to 10 per classroom.

Prize Money:  Classes 1 to 20 – 1st - $5.00, 2nd - $3.00, 3rd - $2.00

                         Specials A to E – 1st - $8.00, 2nd - $6.00, 3rd - $4.00, 4th - $2.00

Ages 5 and Under

  1. Draw a picture using yellow and black crayons and/or markers
  2. A paper plate face of “me”
  3. Most colourful natural stone that will fit in your hand
  4. Draw three apples and colour appropriately,

Ages 7 and under

      5. Make a scene on a paper of a celebration and fold into a fan.

      6. Draw and colour a picture of your family.

      7. Create a 3-D “bee”

      8. Use textured materials to create a landscape with a horizon.

Ages 9 and under

      9. Make a paper snowflake and mount it on coloured construction paper.

     10. A torn paper scene

     11. Using trees create a picture showing foreground, middle and background.

     12. A coat-of-arms for my family.

Ages 11 and under

     13. Decorate a pop bottle to look like a pop star.

     14. A “postivite/negative” picture using trees

      15. My favourite drawing.

Ages 13 and under

      16. A still life that incorporates an apple (use pencil)

      17. Finish a picture.  Take a picture from a magazine, cut it in half and finish the other side.

      18. Anti bullying poster using the computer.


Ages 9 and under

      19.  An apple tree through the seasons.  Name the season.

Ages 13 and under

       20.  A paper bag animal. Write at least three things about it on the back.



Specials are sponsored by David Wilmot

A.  Special - 7 and under - A painted picture (no larger than 30 cm x 45 cm or 12" x 18")

B.  Special - 9 and under - A collage of different textures. 

C.  Special - 11 and under - Plasticene art in a closed CD case

D.  Special - 13 and under - A mask for a carnival

E.  Special - 13 and under - Cartoon strip (3 or 4) frames with dialogue. May be done on the computer.