THEME for 2016: Honey Bees & Apple Trees 


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Notes and important dates for the 2016 fair

The office is open on Wednesdays, Tel. 905-843-0210. You can already register for the 2016 fair. To submit entries, you need an exhibitor's number, which is obtainable from the Fall Fair Office: Wednesdays between 9 and 3 pm.



1. Information to follow

2. Prize money pickup rules have changedDOWNLOAD

In Sept. 2016: Pre-registration can be done on Saturday Sept 10, a week before the fair. Be sure to read the information in General Rules and Regulations on the right, which apply to all sections in Homecraft. Animals and Livestock have their own Rules and Regulations.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE 2016 Brampton Fall Fair

Who can enter: Anyone having paid an exhibitor fee of $5.00 for the current year is entitled to enter/exhibit items for prizes (read more in General Rules and Regulations)

Homecraft pre-registration: Saturday, Sept. 10 from 9 to 11:30 am.

Accept Fair entries: Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016 from 7 to 9 pm. Remember to tag every entry as per instructions in General Rules.

Final day for bringing entries: Thursday, Sept. 15 from 8:30 to 11:30 am

Judging entries from 1 to 5 pm on Sept. 15, 2016