Garden and Field Crop Competitions

Gardeners and vegetable garden growers should stop by to see the exhibits in this category, and maybe enter themselves next year. See some samples of this year's crop, perhaps tomatoes or cucumbers, beets or radishes. As always, the largest pumpkin and the tallest sunflower will be on display. There might be arrangements of strangely shaped vegetables, or some resembling faces, or others that look similar in groups.

Flowers and Plants

Flowers, interesting containers, potted plants and large sunflowers. Exhibitors enter cut flowers from their gardens, wild flowers and vegetation, or perhaps use their imagination to create an arrangements in one of the interesting classes. There might be themes like "Black and White" or "Display in a Shoe" to stretch your mind, while enjoying other traditional t arrangements or admiring large potted plants.



Exhibitors: For full details on entry rules, classes, prize money and registration, please download our Fair Fair Prize Book in PDF format (available from the Home page or by using the link on the left side of this page.)