Convenor:  Marlene Spies   647-289-6302   or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                  

Associates:  Jennifer Colborne, Sue Dunn, Carolyn Greszczyszyn-Brown,

 Lorna Jenkinson  & Eve Traetto                                                


  1. Picture sizes minimum 4” x 6” or maximum 5” x 7” mounted with approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) border around. 
  2. Each print is to be securely mounted on stiff cardstock or Bristol board cut to size as noted above.  An undersized or oversized matte is not acceptable.
  3. One entry per class.
  4. Entry tag must be fixed to the top RIGHT corner of the mounting paper.
  5. Complete entry tag with section and class number, plus exhibitor’s number.
  6. New Exhibitor must mark “NE” next to name to qualify for New Exhibitor’s points.
  7. Exhibits can NOT be picked up before 5:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.  See General Rules and Regulations for Homecraft Section.

Prize Money: 

Classes 1 to 14   1st - $4.00, 2nd - $3.00, 3rd - $2.00

Specials A to C as indicated


  1. Bugs and butterflies
  2. Water fowl
  3. Computer changed picture (two prints on one matte)
  4. A weird or strange tree
  5. Winter trees (bare or covered in snow or ice)
  6. Backyard birds
  7. Farm fields or hay bales
  8. Something green (anything, not just garden)
  9. Urban decay (abandoned building, an old barn, etc.)
  10. Fall splendour
  11. Action picture
  12. Shadows on the snow/light filtered through trees
  13. Bridges and fences
  14. Early spring (tulips, daffodils and snowdrops)


  1. Special :  Picture with funny (ha ha) caption added.  Sponsored and judged by the committee   1st - $10.00
  2. Special :  To the new exhibitor winning the most points in classes 1 to 14.   1st prize -– $10.00
  3. Special:  To the previous exhibitor winning the most points in classes 1 to 14 – 1st  prize– $10.00