Convenors:   Helen Ziegler    905-792-7963

                     Danette Woodworth   905-702-8783  


Note:     Please use the SIZE OF JAR THAT IS CALLED FOR IN EACH CLASS.  Entries may be DISQUALIFIED IF NOT PRESENTED IN THE SIZE OF JAR REQUESTED.  Jars used MUST be preserving jars with snap lids.  Jars MUST be properly sealed or they will be disqualified.  No identification marks such as fancy tops or labels.


Prize Money:

Classes 1 to 18  1st - $5.00, 2nd - $3.00, 3rd - $2.00

Specials A  to E as indicated



Jams & Jellies

  1. Cooked Strawberry  Jam – 250 ml
  2. Cooked Peach Jam – 250 ml
  3. Crabapple  Jelly – 250 ml
  4. White Grape  Jelly – 250 ml
  5. Red Wine  Jelly – 250 ml
  6. Citrus  Marmalade – 250 ml
  7. A cooked jam made with two fruits (fruit to be named on the entry tag) – 250 ml

Pickles & Relishes

             8. Vegetable Relish – 250 ml

         9. Dill Pickles – 500 ml

        10. Bread and Butter Pickles – 500 ml

        11. Pickled Beets – 500 ml

        12. Fruit Chutney (fruit to be named on the entry tag)  – 250 ml

        13. Mild Salsa – 500 ml

        14. Apple  Sauce – 500 ml

        15. Cranberry Sauce – 250 ml

        16. Pie Filling of your choice – 500 ml

        17. Pickled Vegetable not listed above – 500 ml

         18. Preserved Fruit Salad – 500 ml


  1.  Special:  Exhibitor with the most points in Section 41 classes 1 to 18.  Sponsored by Downey's Farm Market, 13682 Heart Lake Road, Caledon, ON.   1st - $20.00 gift certificate.
  2. Special : Bernardin Best of Show Award:  Best Home Canning entry in      classes 1 to 18 submitted in a Bernardin Mason Jar & Snap Lid.  Prize  winner must have three canning entries in the Fair.  Winner based on highest accumulated points in Section 41.    1st  - $30.00 gift certificate &  Rosette ribbon
  3. Special:   Bernardin Jam/Jelly Award from classes 1 to 7 inclusive.  Best     Jam/Jelly using Bernardin pectin as selected by the fair judge.  Winning  entry must include proof of purchase of Bernardin Pectin (attach to entry  tag)    1st - $20.00 gift certificate & Rosette ribbon
  4. Special:  Bernardin Gift Pack Competition – Gift basket/container filled  with at least three (3) filled Bernardin mason jars and snap lids.  May be      any theme and include other items but total cost not to exceed $20.      Judges select winner based on creativity, quality of home canned product,  value and presentation.    1st - $20.00 gift certificate & rosette ribbon
  5. Special:  Bernardin SNAP Lid/Mason Jar Creative Craft Award – Best decorative or functional homemade craft using a Bernardin mason jar(s)   and/or 2 piece SNAP lid.    1st - $20.00 gift certificate & rosette ribbon
  6. Special:  Tomato Jam – 250 ml using the recipe supplied.  Sponsored by   Marlene Spies.  1st  - $8.00  2nd - $4.00


Tomato Jam Recipe


           4 cups (about 1 lb. 10 oz.) washed, sliced tomatoes

           1 box of pectin (Certo) either crystals or 1 liquid pouch

           ¼ cup (50 ml) lemon juice

           About an inch of fresh ginger (optional)

           5 cups sugar

           Note:  Use the skins and seeds for the jam as well, because that gives extra tang and makes for a more interesting end result with the different textures.  Don’t use very juicy tomatoes: the oblong, smaller ones are best.  You need more flesh than seeds.



  1.  Peel and grate ginger, or cut into quarters. (The ginger really brings out the taste of the tomatoes)
  2. Use a large pot to allow for foam to form while cooking jam.
  3. Add fruit, lemon juice and pectin and bring to a boil.
  4. Add all the sugar, put back on the heat and bring back to a boil.
  5. Boil hard for 1 minute.  Stir to avoid scorching but watch out for hot splashes!
  6. Take off the heat and keep stirring for 5-7 minutes to make sure the fruit is well mixed.  If lots of foam formed on top, skim that off before you start stirring.
  7. Bottle into warm, sterilized jars.  Use one of those wide-mouthed plastic funnels especially made for jam making to have less mess.
  8. Depending on the size of your jars, and the juice of the tomatoes, this recipe should yield 5 – 7 jars (250 ml) of jam.
  9. Serve on toast, bread, bagels, etc.  just like any other jam.  The colour is very different from that of ketchup, if you are concerned.