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Please Note: Directors reserve the right to substitute goods in place of cash prizes in any class

  1. All Exhibitors must pay a $5.00 Membership fee to Region of Peel Agricultural Society. Livestock Exhibitors should enter at the livestock gate and complimentary admission will be given based on the aforementioned livestock pass policy.
  2. All entries must be made on the forms of the Society supplied by the secretary free of charge.
  3. Except where stated, all entries must be made by the bona-fide owner of the exhibit.
  4. All grains, fruits, roots and vegetables entered MUST be actually raised by the exhibitor and the growth of 2017 or 2018 unless otherwise specified. The correct name must be put on every article exhibited.
  5. No exhibitor shall compete for more than one prize in each class, unless otherwise specified.
  6. In all departments, unless otherwise specified herein, classes are open to Ontario.
  7. All entry and prize tickets must remain on articles and animals while on exhibition. No ticket, medal or other award of any former exhibition or name of exhibitor, or any mark by which the owner of the exhibit can be known will be allowed on the animal or articles until the judges have completed their awards.
  8. Animals not ready for judging at the proper time will forfeit rights of competition.
  9. All protests against the decision of the judges or against an exhibit must be made and declared to the secretary within 24 hours, stating the cause of protest, and must be signed by the complainant and accompanied by one hundred dollars ($100.00) which will be forfeited to the Society if the protest is not sustained. All protests will be referred to the  committee, which have full powers to investigate the same and report to the Board of Directors for approval which, if confirmed by them, shall be final, and the protest with the report thereon shall be entered in a book kept for the purpose.
  10. While the officers and directors of the Region of Peel Agricultural Society will take every reasonable precaution to insure the safety of animals and articles exhibited it is understood that the exhibitors shall release the Region of Peel Agricultural Society, its officers and directors from all claims for damages arising from loss or destruction of or injury to exhibits of property at Brampton Fair or injury or damage to any attendant or other persons in charge of said exhibits or any property of such, whether occasioned by negligence or otherwise, and the exhibitors agree to indemnify the Region of Peel Agricultural Society against all claims or demands of any kind by any animal or other exhibit arising from negligence or misconduct of any person in charge of such exhibit or by reason of injury or damage to any such attendant or person in charge of the property of such. The directors will take every precaution to prevent accidents but will not hold themselves responsible for any accident on the fairgrounds.
  11. Tents or booths for the sale of intoxicating liquors, all kinds of gambling or mountebank performances are prohibited.
  12. JUDGE’S NOTE – In the absence of competition in any section or if the entry be of inferior quality, judges must award only such prizes as they deem the entry worth.
  13. No exhibitor shall be allowed to be present while the judges are discharging duties. Any person who shall attempt to interfere with the judges, directors or officers of the Society, or who shall on the premises use any contemptuous or abusive language to any judge, directors or officer shall forfeit his right to any premiums to which he may be entitled, and shall be excluded from exhibiting for one year thereafter. Judges or officers are particularly requested to immediately report any breach of this rule. All disqualification in this and the next following rules may be published with their awards.
  14. Upon the discovery of any fraud, deception or dishonest practice, either in the preparation of ownership, or any fraudulent representation concerning any article exhibited, the director shall have the power to withhold the payment of any or all premiums awarded to the exhibitor proven to be guilty of such offense.
  15. Any member or exhibitor giving or lending his ticket to any person for the purpose of getting on the grounds without paying entrance fee, or for the purpose of imposing on the Society in any way, will deprive him of all rights to which he would be entitled and forfeit any premium which may be awarded him.
  16. Grounds and buildings will be open to receive exhibits as stated in sections, and they must be on the grounds and in proper exhibit halls ready for judging by times stated. Exhibits must remain there until time specified for their removal.
  17. If due to inclement weather or for any other reason, receipts prove insufficient to meet all expenses, the directors reserve the right to deduct a percentage from all prize monies.
  18. Specials & prizes are subject to change without notice. If additional specials or prizes become available they will be awarded at the fair.
  19. Payments must accompany all entries by mail. Entry and exhibition tickets will be retained at secretary’s office until called for. No trading of entry tickets will be allowed after entering the grounds and buildings.
  20. All exhibitors are requested to send an itemized list of prizes won to the secretary in order to receive prize money. All orders for prize money must be presented on or before the 15th day of October or the prizes will be forfeited. Five dollars must be retained on all prizes of $10.00 and upwards for membership ticket for 2019. ALL CHEQUES, GOODS AND PRIZES MUST BE CASHED BY NOVEMBER 30, 2018.
  21. All livestock must remain on the grounds until judging is completed on all classes or forfeit money.
  22. No livestock will be allowed in the livestock buildings before 9:00 a.m. Thursday, September 13, 2018.
  23. The officers and directors of the Region of Peel Agricultural Society reserve the right to refuse admittance to any person or persons to the fairgrounds, on any fair day, for reasons that the officers and directors may deem justifiable.
  24. ERRORS – The Society will not hold itself responsible for any printer’s error or other palpable errors in this prize list.All exhibitors MUST have their own insurance and should be prepared to show proof when asked. Every exhibitor must sign a Hold Harmless Agreement.